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What's Happening This Week In Math

Oak class

This week I briefly introduced the concept of multiplication as we discussed groups of 2s. We

explored how many shoes there would be based on a certain number of people (each person

having two shoes). This introduction is meant to construct a view of multiplication as both

groups of a constant number and as repeated addition.

Elm Class

We worked on building a sense of relative magnitude with fractions based on 1/3 and 1/6. These are often harder for kids to mentally construct than 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 because the 1/3 is not related to halves.

We also started Unit 5 with a return to multiplication concepts. We will spend the next few weeks working on multiplication and division using the area model.

Sequoia Class

We continued work with decimals this week, pushing out our understanding to the ten thousandths place, 0.0001. One aim of our work in class is to build the idea of equivalence, that 0.02 or 2/100 represents the same quantity as 0.020 or 20/1000.

There is a game this week to play for homework, it is aimed at connecting the written form of a decimal with it’s relative size.

Redwood Class

New unit this week - Building Formulas. We completed two investigations - one about tile

patterns in a path, and one about the number of rods used in constructing metal beams.

Both investigations are based on specific patterns in the physical object, but that can be

altered in their overall length. Exploring these patterns led us to create recursive formulas

(next = current + something), arrow strings, and direct formulas. Building both recursive

and direct formulas based on contexts with patterns is early algebra work. We will continue

to work on building formulas based on patterns in physical objects.

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