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Middle School

Our Middle School program follows our three day program format and is a preparatory program for high school. 

Points of interest in our curriculum are:

  • Language arts: the focal point of our LA curriculum is to enhance student's literacy, grammar and semantics skills. Students develop higher level writing skills that encompass poetry, expository and creative writing.  There is focus on expanding vocabulary and developing a mature grasp of the five categories of language arts (writing, reading, listening, viewing, and speaking).

  • Block learning: We strive to create a deep understanding of the world while maintaining natural curiosity in the students. Each lesson is taught in blocks to promote deeper learning and thinking, while developing and increasing critical thinking and research skills. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, blocks of study include history, geography, social studies, etc.

  • Math: Focus is on developing proportional reasoning and pre-Algebra concepts through the use of mathematical models and interesting contexts.  We approach learning from a belief that math should make sense rather than be a list of rules to memorize and follow.

  • General Science: Students will dive into the world of science taking a grand tour of the many disciplines available, to include: biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, anthropology, and more.

      Middle school students are welcome to join our Mission Monday program as well.

To schedule a visit to Austin Rising School please text or email. We look forward to your visit!

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