Main Lesson

Main Lesson is where students spend a block of time learning and going deep into a subject. Our blocks are usually 7 weeks in duration. Our blocks always include writing and literature. Students explore, investigate, think hard and create during this time. It is critical thinking skills at work presented in a fun, purposeful way.

We teach keeping multiple intelligences in mind. Our small class sizes allows for this practice to take place and ensures that each child is being regarded and taught the way they know how to learn.


If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we

should teach the way they learn - I. Estrada

Blocks of learning for 2021-22:

  • Texas History

  • Change Makers/Social Justice

  • Cultural Anthropology/Native Americans

  • World War II/Art History

  • Psychology/Book Study


Mathematics class is based on the idea that math is full of ideas and relationships that are constructed in our brains rather than isolated, memorized facts.  When children have rich contextual situations and playful exploration, they make and store connections that make sense to them.  Classes focus on recognizing relationships between numbers, exploring the properties of the basic arithmetic operations and the base-10 system, and developing flexible, creative ways to think about solving problems.  These are not your traditional, procedure-based, standard algorithm math classes.  Students are encouraged and supported in looking for cool ways to connect what they know with new mathematical ideas.  Emphasis is placed on using hands-on and visual models to aid in communicating mathematical thinking.  Kids are empowered when they are allowed to find their own way and construct their understanding of how math really works.


General Science

General Science is an interdisciplinary class where the student is introduced to the many wonders that science has to offer. Students will embark on a grand tour through biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, anthropology, among others.

We teach keeping multiple intelligences in mind. Our small class sizes allows for this practice to take place and ensures that each child is being regarded and taught the way they know how to learn.

Parent Passion

Parent Passion class is full of exciting, new experiences as students learn about subjects they may not have seen before.  Parents are welcome to teach anything they want. Due to this freedom we have a beautiful array of subjects being taught every year. Teaching commitment is 4-5 weeks out of the year, one hour per day, three days a week (this equates to about 12 hours a month of teaching). Throughout the years we have experienced an array of classes, ranging from history, social studies, science, gastronomy, computer programming, robots, multi-media art, etc.

Kids of Kindness

Kids of Kindness is a culture where students feel safe, held, and respected. This class is taught to the 1st and 2nd graders. It reminds kids to be kind to their neighbor, to the world around them and to themselves. It teaches them about gratitude, compassion, trust, courage, responsibility, and much more.  We encourage students to create a growth mindset so that their potential can soar with limitless possibilities.  Students are taught that only by having the courage to make mistakes can we truly learn and stretch our minds to new possibilities.

Leadership and Executive Functioning Skills: Upper Elementary (4th-5th grade) and Middle school students receive instruction in executive function and organizational skills to help them with school work. We will focus on organizing, planning, and prioritizing. They will also get instruction on effective research skills.  Community service work and citizenship through action is also a focus of this group.


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