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A Mind for Science at ARS

Our youth ARS scientists presented a Science Fair for this end-of-session project. Parents and peers had the opportunity to peruse the inquiries and innovations such as a homemade water filtration system, proof that plants react to music, plastic made from milk, desalination methods, and the list goes on,...

At ARS, we organize presentation days where children get to showcase their project work to their peers and parents. These projects revolve around most subjects simultaneously, such as reading, writing, math, science, history, and art. This unique approach allows children to explore topics that interest them while honing their academic skills.

As onlookers stroll from station to station, they are met with bright, curious eyes. The children are so hopeful to share their hard work and what they have learned. Even the shyest children only need a question or two to come out of their shells and eagerly relay all that they find interesting.

Through the years at Austin Rising School, the one thing that stands out the most is the soaring confidence in the children. When education is fun, every mind can be opened to science through the freedom of exploration.

We would love to have your family join ours! Learn more at 

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