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Mission Mondays
(Student must be enrolled in three day program to participate in Mission Mondays).
Mission Mondays is a collaborative experience, bringing project based learning to the forefront. Through our project-based curriculum, s
tudents are provided with opportunities to explore diverse topics, collaborate with peers, and apply their knowledge in real-world contexts. Their mission will be to build, solve, and create projects to help, improve, and innovate.  With projects rooted in science, math and history, students are empowered to become confident, self-directed learners who are prepared to succeed in the ever-changing world of tomorrow.
Topics may include:
Exploring renewable energy sources
Exploring ecosystems and habitats
Investigating simple machines
Exploring water pollution
Building a model bridge
Designing a theme park ride
Historical mapping
Museum exhibit
and many more!

Classes are for all ages between 6-13 (1st thru 8th grade).



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