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What's Happening In Math Class This Week

Oak class

This week, we solved the story problems the kids wrote last week. They were two-digit

adding and subtracting problems. Our work focused on creating a written record of how we

messed with the numbers. Kids either drew pictures, number lines, or equations to show the

numerical relationships they used.

Elm Class

As part of studying multiplication models, we studied the area of rectangles. Kids often

confuse area with perimeter, and struggle with the concept that we can measure interior

space as opposed to linear measurements. To help them construct the idea of area, we used

one inch square papers to cover various rectangles and flat surfaces. Many kids saw that they

only needed to measure the length and width dimensions to find the area, thereby getting the

area model connection to multiplication.

Sequoia Class

Prior to multiplying with decimals, we spent this week working on various multiplication

strategies and the open array model. We did several problem strings aimed at the strategies

of five-is-half-of-ten, using partial products, and double-and-halving. We used ratio tables

to solve both multiplication and division problems.

We also played the Product game. While we have played this before, this time we played using some two-digit factors. This is one of those games that is surprisingly fun to play. There are elements of both strategy and luck.

Redwood Class

We explored a life size number line, placing negative numbers into their respective places based on varying scales. We further explored this idea with greater than and less than comparisons involving negative numbers. On Wednesday, we played a game involving adding and subtracting of positive and negative numbers. First, we made number lines from -50 to 50. Then we made game pieces and played with a spinner and playing cards. We recorded the equations

as we drew cards and used the spinner. Knowing which to move on a number line can be confusing as we start to add and subtract negative numbers. This game helped with that.

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