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What's happening in Main Lesson this week?

We learned about Navajo code talkers and how they helped the Americans win the war in the Pacific.  Students wrote an in-class essay comparing how the the Navajo language was seen negatively and positively throughout history. We also learned about the Tuskeegee Airmen and how they contributed to the war effort.  Students made sculptures to honor them and wrote dedications to the sculptures.  

We also learned how the war affected the home front.  Students learned all about food rationing and made their own ration books and used them to shop for a day’s meal.  Students also drew plans for a victory garden to help add to the food at hand.  

In other news...We learned all about the tragic life of Vincent  Van Gogh this week. Did you know that he was a preacher for a while just like his father? He didn’t start painting until later in life. Out of 900 paintings, he only sold one or two during his life.

Our goals for our own versions of “Starry Night” were to create movement with our brush strokes and to use vibrant colors. We also used a double or triple loading paint technique that made our art look more like van Gogh’s. It’s really fun to do! They are all gorgeous!

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