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It's Journalism time!


We had a blast this week!  Our creative juices were flowing and we laughed and laughed! The lesson plan was to write a classified ad about a monster for sale.  I gave them a basic outline and they filled in the blanks.  Here is an example:  

"Lazy, overgrown monster in need of a loving home.  Loves inhaling cookies and blowing bubbles. Afraid of water and of it's own shadow. Already housebroken, somewhat shy, very friendly, needs a lot of attention.  Please call Ms. Christi for more information."

Before writing out our ad, we brainstormed juicy words for the monsters size, appearance, smell and character traits. 


This week we focused on preparing to write our letters to the editor. We began by analyzing several sample letters in groups and brainstorming a list of what we thought they did well and what we did not like.

Finally, each child dissected the article that they want to write about. It is crucial to have a strong understanding of the original article to be able to write a good letter about it! Some students had time to start on their first draft in class.

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