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A place where kindness rises, children thrive, and empathy abounds.

Austin Rising School is a place where students have deep and meaningful experiences. We inspire learning through a hands-on, arts-integrated approach. It is always purposeful, thoughtful, and engaging fostering collaboration. Students are encouraged to become critical thinkers and to be involved in their community.

Kindness and empathy are the school culture

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Why Austin Rising School?

We are a unique school
Austin Rising School is a creative space for homeschoolers that offers an academic three day (Tues-Thurs) or four day (Mon-Thurs) a week program that is progressive, project based, and interdisciplinary for Elementary and Middle School aged students (1st-8th grade). We don't waste time on busy work. Students are working and thinking hard. This focused academic time leaves space for families to have time for themselves and other extra-curricular activities. Maybe add in an art class, a music class, or a favorite sport. Families are free to create their own learning experiences at home on the days that their children are not at school.
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 Block Learning
At ARS our goal is to create a deep understanding of the world while maintaining natural curiosity in the students. Each lesson is taught in blocks to promote deeper learning and thinking, while developing and increasing critical thinking and research skills.
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Kids of Kindness 
Kids of Kindness is the backbone and culture of Austin Rising School. We remind the students to be kind to the world, each other, and one self. The emotional intelligence of each child is of great importance to us. Students learn how to create a growth mindset, to set limitless goals, to innovate, and to follow their dreams no matter how big or small. A wonderful and endearing culture of community based on love and respect is built because of this.

James K. A. Smith said "education is a holistic endeavor that involves the whole
person, including our bodies, in a process of formation that aims our desires,
primes our imagination, and orients us to the world -
all before we ever start thinking about it."

based on the idea that math is full of ideas and relationships that are constructed in our brains rather than isolated, memorized facts.

General science class which is an interdisciplinary experience giving the student a grand tour of the sciences, to include: biology, chemistry, physics, geography, botany, astronomy, anthropology, etc.

STEAM classes encompass an array of curricula including science, engineering, art and math. Classes are engaging and hands-on giving the student a fun experience into the STEAM world.

Parent Involvement is Key
Through Parent Passion classes, parents are invited to teach one hour a day for one month out of the year. These classes are optional to teach and are designed to spark an interest in the students who may not have otherwise been exposed to a certain subject.

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What Students Are Saying...

What we learn with pleasure we never forget - A. Mercier

What Parents Are Saying...

"Our family has been fortunate to have been with ARS for the past 4 years.  New then to homeschooling, we were unsure what we were getting into, and we were so lucky to find ARS!  It has been an interesting, fun, centered, caring, and cohesive community in which to belong.  We started with one child in the program and now have three, and they love coming to school.  The Kids of Kindness program literally should be in every school, in my opinion.  It gives the kids a venue to process civility, community, friendship, caring, and compassion, in the context of their own lives and leading by example in the real world, in ways that get them thinking with heart, which I have so often witnessed.  Students pick up valuable life tools and practices, such as yoga, breathing exercises and meditation, compassionate contemplation, with varied games involved, all geared to their levels; then they get to play with all ages on the playground, which provides raw challenge and enrichment, as well as starting off the day together, which is beautiful.  There is enough warmth and support at ARS such that all the children can be included and accounted for, both in and out of the classrooms.  This creates a great dynamic, where some very diverse personalities engage in close-knit, constructive units, and I think that’s a great ideal to go for in this world!  

As many programs are made great by the people who run them, this is true here at ARS, which is so special.  Each teacher obviously puts her heart, time, and mindful energy into the curriculum developed, and it is rich enough to be the model for all you use at home and yet flexible enough to supplement with other curriculum if desired.  We have done both, and both have worked!  Given that the curriculum focuses on one theme at a time, the education surrounding a subject is deep and often has very beautiful, thoughtful art (including visual, written, performed) coming through.    For the most part, ARS has taken the pressure off being the sole teacher of my children; rather, I get to be the facilitator of a lovely curriculum sent forth by dedicated teachers, all of whom my children have experienced and loved.  My oldest came into ARS struggling with math, and she has really grown to appreciate math and relax in the learning process, thanks to her teacher's strategic, effective manner of engaging the kids in numbers and games.  Between this set-up and the open opportunity to explore anything through parent passion classes (like gardening, amounting to a great skill set and nutritious snacks for the kids!), my children have been receiving a very well-rounded, quality education through the ARS model." - Jasmine A.

We are so grateful for Austin Rising School. The teachers, parents and children have been wonderful. They have provided our two children a safe, enriching and supportive environment. We love the creative project-based learning. The units have combined art, science, history, writing and more. Our children have enjoyed acting out scripts based on books they read. We also appreciate the unique approach to learning math. The math teacher empowers children to build a strong foundation by making connections in their relationships with numbers preparing them for higher level concepts. At public school, our children were bored in math class, and they now love learning different strategies to solve problems through games and more interactive methods rather than only using algorithms or rote memorization. They enjoy the Kids of Kindness class where they have learned valuable life skills through mindfulness practices, and playing cooperative games that are fun and challenging. - Kim M.

ARS has been a blessing and pivotal point in our child’s education. The way that the lessons are structured has helped them learn more in depth and really understand the material and get excited about it. The community and “family feel” is fantastic at ARS, so my children have always felt comfortable attending and open to learning and growing. We value the smaller class size (it translates into more concentrated attention and knowledge) and love the teachers passion and spunk for teaching them. My children ask for ARS every day! We owe gratitude to them for such a wonderful, safe learning environment. - Amy L.

My daughter had only home schooled prior to attending Austin Rising School. For our family, joining was a big step and we couldn't be happier that we took it! I see her improvement both educationally and socially every day thanks to the incredibly caring environment the school has created for their students. The students are also pushed to explore their creative side which makes her thoroughly enjoy her time at school. We love the school and the personal relationships that the teachers have developed with our family as a whole. Austin Rising School is helping her build a solid foundation not just as a student but also as a mindful human being and I couldn't ask for anything more! - Laurel H.H.

Austin Rising School has provided such a loving and passionate learning environment for my 11 year old daughter. The way the teachers incorporate art with academics makes the curriculum so much more meaningful. My daughter has really thrived here. - Shaneye F.

I love the involved and nurturing families that are part of ARS and the sweet and kind kids that attend. My daughter has separation anxiety and yet she feels safe and happy at school. It is such a relief and pleasure to know that she is thriving and happy socially, emotionally and academically. - Dana

Austin Rising School has been such a gift to our family. It's not just a school, but also a supportive and nurturing community. My daughter Akyra learned many exciting things over the past school year. The hands-on, project and activity based format fully engaged her. - Sachi N.