What People Say About Us…          

I love the involved and nurturing families that are part of ARS and the sweet and kind kids that attend. My daughter has separation anxiety and yet she feels safe and happy at school.  It is such a relief and pleasure to know that she is thriving and happy socially, emotionally and academically.

With love and gratitude,



Austin Rising School has been such a gift to our family. It’s not just a school, but also a supportive and nurturing community.  My daughter Akyra learned many exciting things over the past school year.  The hands-on, project and activity based format fully engaged her.  She especially loves how art and movement are built into many of the lesson plans.  One of the high points for me has been enjoying the theme books that each child created through the year.  The books helped me to fully appreciate all that Akyra learned.  She likes to read through them, teaching me the stories and sharing the information that she learned. The books will be beautiful keepsakes that will help her retain her knowledge.  I really do feel that ARS’s unique philosophy nourishes the mind and also the soul.  Akyra is being given a set of internal tools that will help her navigate life.  We look forward to returning next year and are so thankful to be a part of such an amazing school and community.

– Sachi N.


ARS provides a great balance between structured learning and creative
unschooling. My kids had to learn to take on new responsibilities, like
time management, at the same time they were engaged with new topics and
areas of interest. The classes are hands-on and inspiring. The community
is supportive. The teachers love kids and love inspiring lifelong
learners. ARS is the perfect transition between teaching your kids at home
and giving them an opportunity for classroom learning.

– Andee K.

“The teachers are amazing! And the people there are amazing!” – Sequoia Student

“Ms. Christi is a phenomenal teacher!” – Redwood Student


Austin Rising School has provided such a loving and passionate learning environment for my 11 year old daughter. The way the teachers incorporate art with academics makes the curriculum so much more meaningful. My daughter has really thrived here.

– Shaneye F.

As a mom I can say all the reasons I like an educational program but those reasons as valuable as they are sound dull such as good curriculum and nice capable teachers and so on .  However when I ask my children why they liked something they participated in I hear things that I hadn’t thought of and it honestly sounds way better than anything I could say.  So the following was my 11 year old son’s response when I asked him what he liked about going to Austin Rising school last year.

“I really liked film because we got to make an animated movie.  Science was really good as well because we got to do cool experiments like making miniature solar cars.  Also in Norse Mythology we got to decode runes for a scavenger hunt and art was fun my favorite craft was making the Mother’s day cards.  The Diwali festival was fun I really liked all the Indian food, but best of all was recess.  It was really fun!!”

– Leslie P.


My daughter had only home schooled prior to attending Austin Rising School. For our family, joining was a big step and we couldn’t be happier that we took it! I see her improvement both educationally and socially every day thanks to the incredibly caring environment the school has created for their students. The students are also pushed to explore their creative side which makes her thoroughly enjoy her time at school. We love the school and the personal relationships that the teachers have developed with our family as a whole. Austin Rising School is helping her build a solid foundation not just as a student but also as a mindful human being and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

– Laurel H.H.