Does my child have to attend each day of the 2 day program?

Yes. The South Austin 2 day program meets Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00-3:00.

Yes. The North Austin 2 day program meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00-2:30.

What days is the 2 day programs held?

South Austin: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

North Austin: Mondays and Wednesdays

What ages can attend the 2 day program?

South Austin serves school aged children 6 through 12.

North Austin serves school age children 6 through 10.

What classes will be offered in the 2 day program?

Parent Passion class: The passion parent lead classes offered are determined by the families involved in the school.

Main Lesson: All Classes are taught in main lesson unit blocks which is taught by a professional. Blocks encompass language arts, science, history, social studies, etc.

Math: All Classes is taught by a professional teacher. Classes are taught in a project based manner thereby allowing for flexibility in the multilevel classroom.

Kids of Kindness Class: This class focuses on social emotional intelligence through empathy based activities and discussions, yoga and guided imagery. The anatomy and function of the brain will also be taught as well as being mindful and having a growth mindset.

Who will teach the classes?

The teachers are hired professionals.

Parent Passion class is taught by the Co-op parents.

What is the educational philosophy of the school Co-op?

Empathy based, earth inspired, holistic cooperative using arts-integration and project based learning methods.

Where is Austin Rising School located?

South Austin: 6211 Parkwood Dr, Austin TX 78736 (inside Western Hills Church of Christ)

North Austin: 12424 Scofield Farms Dr, Austin TX 78758 (inside Parmer Baptist Church)

Do I have to attend the entire academic year?

Yes. For continuity, it is expected that your child will attend from August through May.

Does my child need to be artistic?

No. We will nurture that in your child.

What is the academic calendar?

From end of August through May with a lengthy break for December holidays. Additional breaks include a week in March for Spring Break and a week in November for Thanksgiving.

What is the cost?

Please see Tuition and Enrollment page to view cost.

To reserve your space at ARS for the 2 day program, there will be a non-refundable deposit per child which will be credited to the last calendar full month’s tuition (April).

How do I apply?

Please call us at 512-917-4212 to set up a visit day and see if ARS is a good fit for your family or visit the tuition and enrollment page to learn more.



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